We have 2 very large double-sided racks, 1 single rack and many boxes of womens clothing. Total about 800 items. We are Mother and Daughter looking to downsize. Many items new or used only a couple of times. Mostly Small and Medium with some X-Small and Large. Many styles - Fall Winter Spring Summer - Dress-up and Casual Pants - Shirts - Sweaters - Skirts - Dresses - Nightwear - Shoes - Handbag...
Ava Ro sterling silver baby blue Swarovski elements crystals
GUC 1st - Purple Columbia sleeper 6-12month with hood and bear ears. 2nd - Baby Girl pink well insulated winter snowsuit with hood 12 month 3rd - Pink and Red warm fleece sleeper with closed toe 9-12 month 4th - Disney Winnie the Pooh pink snowsuit with hood, closed toe 6 months All for $10
Garageyard sale on Sat, Sept 15 from 900 to 1 pm 0-3 yo baby boy clothes including winter summer, bedding, toys, toddler bed, shoes, brand new tv stand light in color in the box, light fixtures, snow shovel, wicker furniture, white end table, clothes,etcStarr st Leominster
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