The drum sounds great and will come with a light weight drum bag and another set of snare wires. The drum could use a new batter head and a good cleaning. Not sure of brand it has no badge thanks

Drum equip

2 Tama boom stands $25 each14 brass free floating snare $80A 12 wuhan mini china 16 sabian pro crash and sabian cymbal bag $60 for cymbals and bag thanks
This is not a toy or entry level kids set, its a 6 ply birch shell signature series Yamaha drum set designed in collaboration with French drummer Manu Katche. 10 rack tom, 13 floor tom, 12snare and 16 floating kick drum. Smaller size makes it perfect for gigging drummers playing in tight spaces, an excellent practice set or even high quality beginners set. A bit dusty, but otherwise good shape....