30 minutes agoRindge, NH(23 miles)Sporting Goods for Sale
Primers, powder and lead bullets for sale at $17. 1000 primers -$17, 1 POUND OF POWDER- $17, 500 LEAD BULLETS $17. PRIMERS: LEAD BULLETS: POWDER: LARGE RIFLE 10MM - 155 GR & 155 GR PISTOL AND RIFLE POWDER SMALL RIFLE 44 MAG - 240 GR LARGE PISTOL SMALL PISTOL
5.56/.233 smith & Wesson m&p ar-15 with mag pul rail flip up mag pul rear sight 4 30rd mags and 6 40rd mags
MP .40 range kit with NCstar light
NIB Mossberg 500 Home Defense Talo Special Edition. 12ga Model #52134. open to trades
Great condition 10x12 Level 4 ceramic plates. Will stop an armor piercing 30-06 round. Still under warranty
This is the new model Desert Eagle in 50ae. In like new condition. One 20 round box of ammo fired. Will come with everything from factory. Price is $2000 Don't bother asking if I will take less, not desperate to sell. You can clearly see how much it went for at the store in one of the pictures. Not looking for trades unless it's a CZ 75 Czechmate. Willing to add cash.
1k rounds (20-50rd boxes) of new factory 115gr fmj Aguila 9mm ammo. open to trades
800 rds (40-20rd boxes) Tulammo .223 Remington Ammo Steel Case FMJ 55 Gr. open to trades-
20ga mossberg 500 shockwave 12ga mossberg 500a 35- 20ga slugs 75- 20ga 7-1/2
Vintage usable about 10 worth money collectable
Great condition Matxhing numbers Blonde wood stock No cleaning rod.
32cal with holster Trades welcome!
Never fired Great condition Trades welcome!
410/45lc 25 rounds fired Comes with a bunch of 410
Great rifle witj quality parts Brovo company barrel and bcg Utg pro slim rail-mlock with magpul covers Surefire warcomp 308 Geissele ssa A.R.M.S folding a2 front sight Ask form more info!!
Lightly used just customized! Comes with a few hundred rounds of ammo Trades welcome
Purchased used. Good condition Trades welcome!
Lightly used slightly modified Diamondback pistol Troy micro iron sights
I have for sale a brand new never fired 9 300 blackout upper for an SBR or a fixed mag pistol lower. All quality parts with a pinned gas block but the muzzle brake is jot pinned and welded as this was bought for a fixed mag ar pistol. Parts cost over 550 not including shipping but asking $450. Parts list consists of: aero complete upper Ballistic advantage performance series 9 barrel geissele s...
Scar 16s comes with everything in the picture and a few hundred rounds.
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